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Since I was young I have always had an interest in cooking. Growing up my Mum cooked us lovely home-made meals which when I was old enough, she taught me. My earliest memories of cooking were making cheese straws from my Mum’s Be-Ro cooking book and her own recipe for chilli con carne.

When I went to uni, I realised that my love for cooking wasn’t shared by everyone. Whilst others were cooking pasta with shop bought sauce (sometimes even without the sauce), I was making soup and pies from scratch. I’ll always remember the look one of my flatmates gave me and my friend when he came into the kitchen to put his pizza in the oven and we had taken over the kitchen with nearly every pot and utensil making sweet and sour pork. I wasn’t going to let my budget student days stop me from cooking. Much to my housemate’s upset, I used to bake cupcakes to take to my boyfriend’s house as a thank you to his parents for putting up with me for half of the week.

One contributing factor to my love of cooking is that I am a fussy eater. Not only am I fussy about what I do and don’t like to eat, but I’m also fussy about how it is prepared. I have no doubt that my boyfriend, Rien thinks I am slightly weird because when I make fajitas, the chicken has to be cut into strips and can’t be cubes; whereas with a curry the chicken is cubed. But that’s obvious to everyone isn’t it?

Its been in the last six months or so that I have started getting really into baking. I started making a few cupcakes and taking them into work for my colleagues to try. They have always been so complimentary with what I have made that they either really like my cakes or are very polite (if you know the people I work with, then it’s definitely not the latter!) My manager was the person who came up with the initial name of ‘Curly’s Cakes’ as her name is Kat too and a way to distinguish between the two of us was Curly Cat and Kicking Kat. After a while, Curly has now stuck and I think they forget my name is actually Cat. When I came to thinking about making a blog, I changed the name as I wanted to not limit myself to just cakes as I love cooking savoury as well as sweet.

I am passionate about not only cooking, but also photographing and sharing what I have made with others. My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are always covered with my lastest efforts so a blog is a perfect way of showcasing what I have made. It was Rien’s idea to start a blog and with his help and encouragement, here I am! Without him I don’t think I would have managed to even start the blog because the technical side of it is beyond me. He is a software engineer so is always on hand to help out with my constant questions.

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We live together with our two dogs, Tilly the Pomchi and Izzy the Siberian Husky. Tilly keeps her eye on me whenever I’m in the kitchen, but Izzy has a more refined pallet and is only interested in (more accurately goes crazy for) buttercream.

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My first year of blogging went better than I could have imagined and I’ve even got my own Curly’s Cooking Facebook page now. People have been very positive and encouraging which is lovely. I have also received a number of orders which have kept me busy. I am looking forward to developing my skills further and improving my blog.

We’ve just bought our first house together which is very exciting. It’s a new build so we won’t be moving in until towards the end of the year which gives us plenty of time to get everything ready. I am going to try and blog as much as I can but as we get closer to the move there may be a few less posts than I would like.

When we were house hunting, we would walk into a house and as soon as we got to the kitchen Rien would ask me what I thought. He knew that if the kitchen wasn’t going to be suitable, even with some work, then we would not be buying that house. The kitchen is such an important room for me because it’s where I spend a lot of time and it makes me so happy. From quite a young age, one of my dreams has been to design my own kitchen and I am so excited that I am able to do that with this new house! I can’t wait to get moved in and start baking and cooking in my perfect kitchen.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and watch me improve as I try to recreate recipes and come up with my own along the way.

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your adaptation of the BBC goodfoods cheesecake recipe is perfection! Please warn me if you ever take it down! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making it great!

    • Hi Laura,

      That is so lovely of you to say, thank you 🙂
      Haha don’t worry it is definitely here to stay! xx

  2. Hi,

    I am making your cheesecake recipe for my wedding cake, I have tweaked just a tiny smidge, and I worked out a way to get rid of the cracks too. Once I have the finished product I will share it with you, but in the meantime, wow, great recipe. Ill keep you posted.

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