Raspberry & Mascarpone Sponge Pudding

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This is a delicious pudding my family has been making for years. My sister first got the recipe from one of her friend’s Mum’s. Since then, we have all made it on numerous occsions. We refer to it as the raspberry pudding so I don’t know what the original name was or whether Mrs Betts found the recipe somewhere or made it up herself. But this recipe is all down to Mrs Betts so a big thank you to her for sharing this recipe.

My sister, Ally made this for pudding on Boxing Day. It was a welcome change instead of something like Christmas pudding that none of us are really that fond of. We’d had a lovely roast dinner cooked by my Mum (she cooks the best roasts) and a few hours had passed when the raspberry pudding was calling my name from the fridge. Initially it was just my brother-in-law and myself who wanted some, but after I brought his into him, Ally and my Mum soon decided they could find some room. Then when Rien remembered what we meant by raspberry pudding, he had some too. My brother-in-law then went back for another ‘small piece’ and came back with a bigger bowl than his first!

This is definitely one of my family’s favourite puddings. This time Ally used low fat mascarpone which I don’t think was intentional, but it tasted as good as it always does so is a good way to slightly lower the calories. Having said that, this isn’t a healthy pudding, but is great for special occasions as a treat.

500g mascarpone
397g condensed milk
400g sponge fingers
600g tinned raspberries in light syrup
2 tbsp Marsala or Kirsch (optional)
150g fresh raspberries
small grating of dark chocolate

  1. Mix the mascarpone and condensed milk together in a bowl or jug

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  1. Drain the tinned raspberries making sure you keep the syrup they were in and add the Marsala or Kirsch to the syrup if you’ve decided to use it
  2. Dunk the sponge fingers a couple at a time in the reserved raspberry syrup. Make sure the fingers are completely covered in the syrup. You want to give them a couple of seconds so they can absorb some of the syrup but don’t leave them in there for longer than that or else they will soak up too much and you’ll run out of syrup!

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  1. When you have a few of the sponge fingers that have absorbed some of the syrup, line them next to each other vertically in a dish roughly 23x23x5cm. Once you have covered the bottom of the dish completely with sponge fingers, scatter with half of the tinned raspberries

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  1. Pour 1/3 of the mascarpone mix on top of the sponge fingers making sure the fingers are completely covered
  2. Repeat again with another layer of soaked sponge fingers, tinned raspberries and mascarpone mix but lay the fingers horizontally

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  1. Add a third layer of soaked sponge fingers vertically in the dish. Add the final third of the mascarpone mix and spread evenly
  2. Place the fresh raspberries on the top and grate the dark chocolate using a fine grater

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  1. Put in the fridge for 30 minutes or so to chill and then serve

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This pudding is incredibly easy – it requires no cooking or fancy equipment, just mixing, dunking and layering! This is a perfect pudding for people that aren’t very confident or don’t like recipies that are too complicated or take a while. Unfortunately as you can see, it isn’t the most beautiful of puddings when served!

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2 thoughts on “Raspberry & Mascarpone Sponge Pudding

  1. Ally

    Turns out the low fat mascarpone wasn’t the best idea! The mascarpone and condensed milk ran out and the fingers dried out – however this was only a problem when half was left the next day, chances are there won’t be any left so might not even be a problem!!

    1. cat Post author

      Oh no! So the mascarpone mix just seeped out into the dish?! Not that there is usually any left like you said. I’ll update the recipe with that – thanks x


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