Creamy Vegetable Curry Soup

Thick, creamy and comforting soup with the delicious flavours of your favourite curry. This Creamy Vegetable Curry Soup is quick, easy and packed full of vegetables and flavour. 

I do love a good soup. But as I’ve mentioned before, I am fussy about them. This is why I much prefer to make it myself rather than buy it. Making it yourself means you can control what is in it so it can be a healthy and delicious meal.

I knew I wanted to make a soup that included some spice. This is because the rest of the soup recipes I had made were quite subtle relying on the flavours of the vegetables. My inspiration behind this recipe came from my Vegetable Curry. I feel that in winter we tend to stick to comforting recipes like stews and casseroles which can sometimes lack a bit of spice. This soup still provides you with the comfort that you need, but a bit of spice too which makes it a welcome change. 

As with my Vegetable Curry recipe, you can add any vegetables you like to this Creamy Vegetable Soup. This makes it a great way of using up any vegetables that may be looking a little sad but will still taste great. You could even add some spinach to the soup once it has been blended to add another texture to the soup.

The potatoes in this soup help naturally thicken it as well as providing a creamy texture. If you did want to make the soup slightly thinner, you could add roughly 100ml more stock. Personally I like this soup being thick because it fills me up more which is always a good thing when its cold! 

I try to eat soup without any bread which is another reason why I am such a fan of thick soups. If you did want some bread, why not eat it with some naan bread or poppadums. You could also add some left over cooked shredded chicken if you wanted to make it into an even heartier meal. 

Another fantastic thing about this Vegetable Curry Soup is that it is healthy as well as being delicious. When you consider the potato in this recipe is split between 3 large portions, it really isn’t that much at all. And the milk I use is semi skimmed which means that isn’t bringing much fat there either. You could also use 1% fat milk if you wanted to. If you did want to skip the milk you could just add more stock, but I like the creaminess it provides. 

Serves 3 

¼ tsp sunflower oil
1 small onion, diced

2 tbsp curry paste (I used Tikka)
300g potatoes, peeled 
200g courgette
300g cauliflower
200ml milk
500ml vegetable stock
1 tsp sea salt
¼ tsp black pepper
1 tbsp tomato puree

  1. Dice the onion and add it to your pan/soup maker along with the curry paste and oil. Stir the onions until they are coated in the curry paste

  1. Peel the potatoes and dice them into small pieces. Slice the courgettes and break the cauliflower into small florets. Add all of the vegetables to the pan/soup along with the rest of the ingredients

  1. If using a soup maker, set to the smooth setting and leave the machine to do the work. After the cycle has finished, taste to make sure the soup is perfectly smooth; if there are still small lumps, turn it on to run another cycle
  2. If using a pan, cook until the vegetables have softened and then blend with a stick blender or in a liquidiser. Assuming you have cut the vegetables quite small this should take around 20 minutes
  3. Serve and enjoy 

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6 thoughts on “Creamy Vegetable Curry Soup

  1. Corina Blum

    I love thick spicy soups and this sounds delicious! It’s a great idea to add some shredded chicken to it and to eat it with a naan too – It would make a really hearty meal. Thanks for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice

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