Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies

Soft cookies crammed with dried cranberries and chunks of white chocolate. These Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies are delicious at any time of year, but especially at Christmas. 

Do you like white chocolate?

I am not typically a fan of white chocolate, I find it quite sweet. But there are instances when it is the perfect chocolate of choice and makes me realise it is actually quite tasty! 

These Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies are an adaptation of my go-to cookie recipe which I wanted to make a little festive. Cranberries are an obvious choice for Christmas and can be a little tart which I thought would work really well with the sweet white chocolate. 

I made the cookies and photographed them ready to write up my recipe and that is when I saw that a few people already have recipes for cookies with cranberries and white chocolate. Although I haven’t come up with a new flavour combination,  that doesn’t matter because it means you’ll just have more variations of a similar recipe to try and see which one you prefer!

It’s all about soft cookies!

The reason why I like this cookie recipe so much is because I love a soft cookie. I have always been a soft cookie fan. I want a squidge to my cookie and for it to have a soft bend not a crisp snap like some do.

One of the secrets behind a soft cookie is not cooking them for too long. After being baked, they will be soft to touch in the middle and you may be tempted to bake them for a few minutes longer thinking they aren’t quite done – but don’t! They will harden up slightly as they cool making the perfect soft cookie. 

These cookies will keep in an airtight container for at least 4-5 days. As they get older, they will become slightly more crisp on the outside which is another reason to make sure you don’t cook them for too long in the first place!

This recipe is really simple and quick to make which is another reason why it is great for Christmas. You can make a batch of these cookies and keep them for when people pop in over Christmas, because people always pop in! They would also make a really lovely present as people do love a homemade gift!

I wanted these cookies to look rustic and obviously homemade which is why when I was shaping them I didn’t smooth them. This gives them a slightly rougher and more textured look to the edges. If you did want them to look a bit more ‘perfect’, smooth the balls of cookie dough between the palms of your hand to smooth them before putting them on the baking tray. 

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Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies

Soft cookies crammed with dried cranberries and chunks of white chocolate. These Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies are delicious at any time of year, but especially at Christmas.
Course Snack
Cuisine American, British
Keyword Cookies, White Chocolate, Cranberry
Servings 40
Calories 88 kcal
Author Curly


  • 125 g margarine
  • 100 g light brown sugar
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 225 g self raising flour
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 100 g white chocolate chunks/chips
  • 100 g dried cranberries


  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC (fan assisted 200ºC non fan). Line baking trays with grease proof paper or silicon liner and set aside

  2. Cream the butter and the sugars together until light and fluffy don't be afraid to keep it mixing for 5 minutes or so
  3. Add the egg and vanilla and mix until combine
  4. Add the flour and salt and mix before then adding the dried cranberries and white chocolate
  5. Shape into equal sized balls. To do this I use a tablespoon measure to scoop out the mix. You can then put the mix onto the trays as they are or roll them between your palms to create a smoother ball. Leave a good gap between each cookie to allow for spreading whilst cooking
  6. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes before leaving to cool on the tray for a further 5 minutes. Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool completely  

Recipe Notes

Keep in an air tight container for 3-4 days. 

Nutritional information is given as a guide only.

Nutrition Facts
Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies
Amount Per Serving
Calories 88 Calories from Fat 18
% Daily Value*
Fat 2g3%
Cholesterol 4mg1%
Sodium 61mg3%
Potassium 12mg0%
Carbohydrates 11g4%
Sugar 7g8%
Vitamin A 120IU2%
Calcium 4mg0%
Iron 0.1mg1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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11 thoughts on “Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies

  1. Lucy Parissi

    As you say, you may not have invented a brand new cookie flavour but you’ve come up with a great rendition of a favourite. I think most people would struggle to resist one of these.

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