Turkey & Cranberry Sausage Rolls

Crispy puff pastry filled with the flavours of Christmas. Delicious as a light lunch or as a nibble to serve to guests at a party, these Turkey & Cranberry Sausage Rolls are really easy which is good because after you’ve made them once, you’ll be asked to make them again and again.  

Does anyone else always have sausage rolls at Christmas?

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without sausage rolls in my opinion. My Mum made them for as long as I can remember at Christmas and they have always been very popular in my family. This meant that when I moved out, I carried on the tradition much to Mr Curly’s delight as he is a very big fan. 

I love traditional sausage rolls made with pork sausage meat, but I also like the idea of making slight tweaks to make them more exciting. One variation that my Mum makes uses pork sausage meat with a fresh slice of mango. This might not sound like it would be delicious, but believe me it is. You may also like my Mustard & Sage Sausage Rolls

Turkey and cranberry – the perfect Christmas flavours

When thinking about flavours I associate with Christmas, turkey and cranberry sauce obviously came to mind. Turkey isn’t usually my favourite choice of meat to have as a roast because it can be a little bland. I do like using turkey mince in dishes that I can add lots of flavour to as it is a healthy meat option because it is low in fat. In large supermarkets I have noticed that you can now buy turkey breast or thigh mince.

My preference would always be the thigh mince because it has a little bit more fat than the breast which I think adds flavour and helps keep it moist. However I ran out of time and did a home delivery for these ingredients and they only had turkey breast mince. I thought that was an advantage though because if it was tasty with the breast mince, it would be even more tasty with the thigh mince!

As I mentioned previously, turkey can be a bit bland which means it really welcomes flavours to be added to it. Don’t be afraid to add lots of herbs and seasoning to your mince because it will make the end result tastier. 

Don’t be afraid to make your life easier!

I have heard cooks and chefs say too many times that they don’t usually make their own pastry. I am all for making your life easier when it comes to pastry! Not only do I buy my pastry, I buy the ready rolled version. Is it just me that really struggles to roll out pastry?! It always ends up misshapen for me. That is ok if you’re making something like mince pies, but not ideal for sausage rolls! 

I have also used a jar of cranberry sauce as a great time saver. If you want to make your own obviously you can, but do not feel like you have to! 

These are delicious served warm or cold and can be kept in the fridge for up to a week. 

Makes roughly 16

400g turkey mince
1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
1 tsp sea salt
¼ tsp black pepper
½ tsp garlic powder
1 x 375g pack ready rolled puff pastry
130g cranberry sauce

1 egg, beaten or 1 tbsp milk 
Spray oil 

  1. Preheat the oven to 190ºC (for fan assisted or 210ºC) 
  2. Empty the turkey mince into a large bowl and add the thyme, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix thoroughly to distribute the seasonings, I find it easiest to do this with your hands 

  1. Unroll the pastry and cut the pastry in half length ways. Spread half of the cranberry sauce down the middle of each strip of pastry
  2. Form the turkey into two long sausage shapes and place on top of the cranberry sauce

  1. Brush one of the long edges of each piece of pastry with the beaten egg or milk 
  2. Roll the pastry closest to you tightly under the turkey mince and then roll over so the sealed edge is on the bottom

  1. Cut each long roll of pastry into individual sausage rolls
  2. Spray two baking trays with oil and place the sausage rolls on the tray. Brush each sausage roll with the beaten egg or milk
  3. Using scissors, make roughly three cuts into the top of each sausage roll

  1. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Once out of the oven, transfer the sausage rolls onto a wire rack as soon as possible and allow to cool 

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9 thoughts on “Turkey & Cranberry Sausage Rolls

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  2. Michelle Frank | Flipped-Out Food

    I am so with you about turkey: I think it’s boring. But my hubster ADORES it, so it’s absolutely mandatory for Christmas dinner (and Thanksgiving, and half-Thanksgiving—sheesh!). THESE look so delicious and easy, though—I can’t wait to try this out with my leftovers!

    1. Cat Post author

      I don’t know how you can adore turkey haha. What a great idea of using left over turkey in them! Fantastic x

  3. Jacqui Bellefontaine

    I made pork sausage rolls with cranberry last year and I loved them. I do like the idea of using turkey instead I shall have to try these. Thank you for sharing on #CookBlogShare. I look forward to seeing what you link up next year. Have a fabulous Christmas J x

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